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Most men are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. So, in order to assist people who are trying to find that perfect gift for the "difficult" men in their lives, we've put together some gift ideas. This men's gift guide contains everything from funky sneakers, beer mugs, and skateboards, to neckties and mouse pads for the corporate guy. If you are in the market for stocking-stuffers, you will find themed keychains and inexpensive magnets.

For The Sci-Fi Fanatic
UFO and alien-themed t-shirts and mouse pads are great for the guy in your life that lives for science fiction. UFO Gifts contains a variety of out-of-this-world alien-themed gifts and designs for sci-fi guys.
UFO Gifts -

For The Geek
While initially designed as a war game, chess is often considered the battlefield of geeks. Chess Strategies has baseball caps and other unique items for chess masters and beginners alike.
Chess Strategies -

For The Animal Lover
All men have a little bit of animal in them, so find a wild animal gift that suits their personality. Wildlife Animals contains a variety of products from frogs to lions, which are great for men who are princes (frogs) or kings (lions), or anything in between.
Wildlife Animals -

For The Outdoorsman
The swarthy complexion of a rugged outdoorsman warms the hearts of many. For example, if your guy is a sailor, celebrate his passion with a sailing gift.
Sailing Gifts -

For Man's Best Friend
Dogs are man's best friend, and they could also be the solution to the gift dilemma if your guy is hard to buy for. Give him a gift themed with his favorite dog breed.
Dog Gifts -

For The Environmentalist
Environmentally-responsible guys are often hard to come by. If you have one, indulge him with an eco-friendly gift that supports his cause.
Organic Gifts -

For The Extreme Sports Enthusiast
Some men love danger, whether it be in the form of wake-boarding, kitesurfing, windsurfing, etc. You can feed their fire with these extreme water sports designs on t-shirts and ties.
Windsurfing Gifts -

For The Casual Sportsman
If sweaty sports are not your guy's thing, consider indulging them with golf and sand-pit themed gifts.
Golf Gifts -

For The Brainiac
If it's jigsaw puzzles and mazes that test the acumen of your intelligent man, support your geeky guy's fondness for cryptography with a puzzle gift.
Puzzle Gifts -

Do not stress about birthdays, holidays, or other gift-worthy events! Find gifts that suit the personality of the men in your life using the above gift buying guide.

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